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Existing Parental Board Users

Free 1 year Boomerang Parental Control licenses for all Android devices

1. Remove Parental Board from all family devices

2. Download Boomerang Parental Control from Google Play

3. Tap I’M NEW and create your Boomerang Parental Control group with the same email as your Parental Board group

4. Follow our onboarding wizard


Use the same Email and Password from your Parental Board group to create your Boomerang Parental Control group.

Once your Boomerang account is created, all active Parental Board licenses will be created under your Boomerang account. For example, if you have 2 active Parental Board licenses, your new Boomerang Parental Control group will have 2 new licenses. These new licenses will be good for one year from the day you created your Boomerang group.

New Users

1. Download Boomerang Parental Control from here:

2. Create your Boomerang group by tapping I’M NEW

3. Follow our onboarding wizard


Questions and Answers

How long will you support Parental Board for?

The Parental Board service will be shutdown in October 2019. Please move over to Boomerang Parental Control as soon as you can.

Why the name change?

Hi, for over 3 years, our team has been hard at work on building a “product/market” fit with Parental Board. This also included creating a sub-brand, Boomerang Parental Board and aligning a safe browser with it, SPIN Safe Browser. Our team has made the decision to put even more energy and focus by combining all Parental Board users into our main product. Going forward, this allows us to better support you, provide an active social media presence and enable a larger community of parents that can share their stories on how a parental control app has helped their families manage and monitor their mobile technology.

Does Boomerang Parental Control have the same functionalities as Parental Board?

Absolutely – every single feature you’ve loved in Parental Board is already in Boomerang and we have added a ton of new improvements in Boomerang Parental Control. 

Does SPIN Safe Browser still work?

Yes, SPIN Safe Browser works perfectly with Boomerang Parental Control. There’s nothing to re-configure.

Google Play says "This app is incompatible with my device" (Android 4.x)

Version 6.01 of Boomerang Parental Control is the last one to support Android 4.x devices (this is also true for Parental Board).

Email our support team to get access to this version which will require you to “side-load” it on your family devices.

Once downloaded, when you tap to open, you may be prompted to enable Installations from unknown sources – enable it for this installation.

Note: this is only required for devices that are running Android 4.x. All newer devices should stay current via our Google Play app listing:

What does “sideloaded” mean?

When referring to Android apps, “sideloading” typically means installing an application package in APK format onto an Android device. Such packages are usually downloaded from websites other than Google play, usually through a computer.

Need help moving over? Contact us.

Our support team is amazing – get in touch and we will help you with your move to Boomerang Parental Control.

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